Key visual element

The ambassadors of the global goals met at one table.
During a simple early dinner (served in the morning actually)
they were photographed by Pavlína Saudková. Her husband Jan Saudek finished the whole picture with his paintings.

“Last Supper and our macromiracles”

The final piece of art was then sold in a charity auction for 350,000 CZK.

SDGS podpis
SDGS pták

What was
the making
of the Last
Supper like?

SDGS Da Vinci
SDGS kytka


On social media, we complemented the campaign
with personal appeals of the SDGs Ambassadors.

SDGS plus

The Award

In the concrete trophies, there is a personal message
from the economist Jeffrey Sachs. The winners will
be able to open it only in 2030 when the SDGs Agenda

SDGS plus
SDGS cena

Concrete plug
by gravelli


Personal message
from jeffrey sachs

SDGS kroužek


The ceremony in the Czernin Palace was attended
by politicians, foreigner personalities and journalists.

SDGS Illuminati

The campaign helped to

3,5 mil. online views
of the campaign
during the voting

150+ registered projects