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with character
in the heart
of Smíchov

Neugraf Neugraf Neugraf
Nová grafická

For this project communication, we had found inspiration in the industrial history of the district and in famous printing factory of Václav Neubert.


The initial campaign aimed at building
the image of the location brought
460 people seriously interested in the project.

Ukázka teaseru
Igor Neugraf
Igor Mitrenga
 Eva Neugraf
Eva Josefíková

The artists of Smíchov
remained the topic of the communication
also for the sales
website and later campaigns.

The flats of the first stage were
sold out within five months
from the beginning of the campaign.

Social networking

NEUGRAF turned a traditional brochure
into a magazine that is available at our
favourite shops, coffee places, restaurants
and at selected receptions.

Lifestyle magazin