About us

MadLove is craziness, love,
uncontrollable inner desire
to do something you haven’t
done before.

One morning, you wake up
and you admit to yourself
that you are fed up with all that
marketing smog and that you need
to take a deep breath.
And so you decide to go nuts. Immediately.

We are an agency crazy about a design that is rather different. Each of our designers, illustrators or photographers has a specific personal style that is not hidden by some account managers – it’s right there. We work with people who love creative freedom and who aren’t scared of experiments. They all share a simple philosophy: give the customers original, but clear and effective promotion.

And there is something else. We know that our planet is calling for help. To survive, it needs a different approach. Therefore, we invest our time in projects that can potentially contribute to a more sustainable future. And we show this way to our customers as well. We believe that sustainable brands and sustainable communication channels have a better karma and that they are more effective.

An idea is a direction.

Everything starts with an idea. Original ideas
are often considered crazy, but after all,
we already kind of established that the Earth
is not flat. A strong idea is a connecting
element of communication. And we will
be happy to help you find it.

Graphic design is passion.

Strong graphic identity must be
love at first sight – not only for
our customers, but also for their target
groups. We work on design until it’s perfect
and it doesn’t matter whether it is
an important developer’s website or
a simple invitation to a tea party.

Production is a challenge.

We like challenges – for example those
that are brought by advertisement and film
production. We believe that there is
a powerful story to be told behind
every product.

Campaigns and strategies are the way

Every big idea needs to find
its comprehensive way to its target group.
A clear message that will be understandable.
A magnificent visual style is useless
if it doesn’t convey its message...
Our campaigns look for and find a way
how to address their target groups.

Social media are communication

We will help you to find a type of communication
to connect with your clients. We will find it
together – it can be social media advertising
or communication through online media.

Social marketing is hope

Marketing can make people buy things.
But it can also change their behaviour.
That is why we often and happily work
on projects that have the potential to start
positive social changes.